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Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services in Glendale, AZ

Family Owned And Operated In Arizona Since 2002!

Larry The Plumber provides the best residential & light commercial plumbing, service, installation, and repair Valley Wide.  Water heaters, drains, sewers, faucets, toilets, garbage disposals, need to be replaced or repaired?  Once call does it all.

About Larry The Plumber

Over the past 19 years, Larry...The Plumber has built and grown and sold three successful valley plumbing companies.

Refusing to retire, Larry... The Plumber agreed to a "semi-retirement" because his love for the industry and clients is what keeps him going everyday.

Now Larry... The Plumber is back to his roots where it all began.  One guy, one truck, endless knowledge, and a reputation of putting the customer first.  That's what you can expect when you call Larry The Plumber.

Why Choose Larry The Plumber?

Free Estimates 

Professional, Honest, Guaranteed Work

19+ Years Of Experience 

I would rather work for one customer 100 times,

than 100 customers once!

- Larry... The Plumber

Customer Reviews

"It went great.  We wanted to keep the faucet, but it needed new internal parts, which, as it turns out, were not easy to find.  Larry went to 4 different places to find them at no additional charge.  I received a quote from another plumbing company and thought the price for repair was very fair.  I have Larry on my contact list and I would contact him again."

"Larry arrived at the specified time that the office said he would be there.  I showed him the problem in question and he verified same.  I had asked only for a quote but after receiving a quote from another company for $540.11 I decided right then and there that he gave me a proper quote.  I knew the job should run around $150 to $200.  I decided to have Larry do the work.  He was efficient and clean.  When he job was finished I had told him that the toilet would refill every once in awhile.  The toilet in question is a Kohler with a tower flush valve.  He explained to me on how to remove and replace the o-ring seal since he did not have one in his truck.  He said any home improvement store carry them.  So, if you need a plumber, Larry is your man."

"He repaired the the sewer and water line, changed the faucet, put in water softener, and water conditioner.  It was excellent.  When he tells you something and said he'll be there, he keeps his word.  The price was reasonable and he's personable."
"He unclogged the toilet and did a toilet repair on 2 toilet.  He did an incredible work.  He was honest.  He told me exactly what was going on. The price was reasonable.  They were amazing."
"He fixed the flapper valve and general replacement parts, excellent service, great quality- very nice to work with."
"He fixed the toilet for me.  It was great.  He was awesome.  He was personable.  He showed up on time."